5 Things you are not doing to become a Self Made Billionaire


During a conversation, a self made enterpreneur shared this.

-When you wake up in the morning, take a pen and paper, write down every activity you perform till the end of the day. Do it the next day and the days after; for a spun of a week or two. At the end of the duration, read through each day’s list and analyse how useful and productive you have been either for yourself, at work or in the lives of others. Is there an achievement factor in your analysis if you do have set goals?-

More often than not, you tend to have set goals without strategies in achieving them. You have dreams without plans and expect that out of the blue, they become reality; then voila! you become one of the richest people in the world. But even a magician works hard to stage a performance.

There are 1,826 billionaires in the world and still increasing. Becoming one is an extremely impressive feat. Question is, what are the things you not doing to become one of the them. Wealth is inspiring. But wealth created from nothing is the stuff that startup dreams are made of.

  • 1. You are not making the DECISION to start and succeed.

    You are not making the decision to want to move from not having coins in your pocket to walking around with a pocket filled with fifty dollar bills. You are not making the decision not to forever remain in the job that only pays the bills and puts food on the table but doesnt give you the opportunity to develop yourself in other skills. A friend from school once said to me, “am not completing a four year program only to work for someone” Now thats a decision made. He has since been working on starting his own smoothie business. Make that decision to stop searching for jobs all the time but rather create one for yourself and others. When you feel too comfortable in your current situation you dont realise the need to financially secure your future. Well guess what, even the richest decide to stay forever rich and works towards it.


  • 2. You are not being AMBITIOUS- You fear becoming overly ambitious. 

    “A man without ambition is like a woman without beauty” —Frank Harris.

    Have a strong desire and determination for success and achievement. The first question of ambition addresses the extent to which your efforts are producing something that will last in the world. Do not be scared to work, save or plan -these have always been the distinguishing marks of a rising middle class who has been prepared by ambition. Futurity and ambition are inseparable- If you havent attained your goals, you do not give up untill you can cross them out from your list of set goals.
    However, being overly ambitious can lead to using unethical tactics to reaching what seems to be beyond your natural ability, talent, skills or experience. Do not take too much too fast without practical restrictions.
    Do not be like a musician trying to play every instrument in the band – you achieve more than is reasonable or likely.



  • 3. You are not taking ENTERPRENEURIAL ACTION.

    Simply, an action is something that one can do and is doing in order to effect changes in their immediate and extended environment.
    Entrepreneurial actions however are actions that have some type of enterpreneurial activities -discovering new ways to combining available resources- Organizing, managing and assuming the risks of starting a business, investing into something, marketing products and services all requires that you exert efforts to achieving them. Without action, your enterpreneurial ideas cannot develop into business ventures. Start with who you are, what you know and whom you know in order to persue your idea.
    A first action of research will lead to gathering new data which will serve as a guideline into the next action. Every outcome of an action helps to review and modify your goals as required. Futher in my conversation with the self made enterpreneur, he revealed how he made a decision to take action. When he realised he could transform the same potentials that made companies sort after him into a business reality he decided to self develop in all facet of business managment. Today, he is CEO of Abog Global Concept Ltd. Ghana. You can make a difference too by learning to think and act. That is one of the many things you will have in common with self made billionaires out there.



  • 4. You are not SHARING YOUR IDEAS.

    Many business thoughts leaders ask often what ideas are worth. When the metaphorical light bulb goes on above your head-you have that “Eureka!” moment-it’s super exciting.  You cannot wait to see it transform into a phenomenon. In order to reach the point of making your ideas real, you first have to share with others. Chances are that, a ground breaking idea may not entirely be perfect at its inception.
    Through the process of developing your idea, you may miss things a fresh pair of eyes will notice at first glance. If you communicate your new ideas broadly, you’ll get very insightful feedback and suggestions that can make your idea better from people who are willing to offer their collaborative services. Do not be hesitant to share your ideas with others, because you want to protect your intellectual property and get credit where credit is due. Sharing with like-minded individuals helps protect you from someone unfairly impinging on your intellectual property. If you get your idea into the open as soon as possible, it will be widely viewed as yours. The more people you let know about your idea, the more people you’ll have to attest the fact that it originated with you. As an entrepreneur, you explore various answers to questions when you work together with like-minds.



  • 5. You are not  WORKING HARD enough.

    “The harder you work, the luckier you get”-Henry Ford.

    Just by hoping for it, you do not come across success. True success is achieved by having the strength, mind and will to struggle and work tirelessly to reach you fullest potential. Hard work pays off. You only need the right attitude , self-discipline and the ability to put your goal before your own needs, if you are really driven towards reaching them. There is, after all no substitute for hard work.

I am not a billionaire yet but have learnt that the quest for success has no easy road. The many times you have failed makes a success story worth telling.

“Today to you will win, the next day you loose. The day after, you win again. This is the life” Roberto Molino (DEME Project Manager).


3 thoughts on “5 Things you are not doing to become a Self Made Billionaire

  1. Nana-Kwesi says:

    Inspirational message it is Gail. Failure strengthens you into achieving succes and increases your wining chances. Nice one dear….


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