Smile of The Ghanaian Woman


Our parents didnt have the kind of birthday celebrations we have in todays century. They had to walk miles to get water for the house hold and go to the farm to help with land preparation for the farming period irrespective of which day it was. Back home, they shared a bowl of food like  apkle with fetiri dekye  (a local dish) together with sibblings; all hands in one bowl. Well, thats typical Afican way of eating and you can imagine the fun in it. If your palm size is as small as mine with tiny fingers, 😄  well this you have to experience to know the real feeling. But the beauty of such family bond, is exceptional.

Today, parties define it all from indoor to outdoor; Birthday cakes, dinner dates, presents, etc. Social media gives you invisible partygoers, you go viral in some cases but the basic element in all of these celebration activities is, your loved ones contribute to lightening up your face.

Manye‘s birthday was no exception.

  • Happy Birthday Estee –

She comes from a large and supportive family who always make her birthday exceptional. She manages her own catering business CakeplusGh and she is doing great at it. Nothing better than running your own business right and especially when its your passion. The feeling of independence. You might want to check her out sometime.

“I spent my birthday in Mole. I went to visit a friend who wasnt feeling well. The day was normal but the night went well. A surprise birthday cake and dinner. Thats all. -she laughs- Oh chale it’s VERY different from the previous ones cos I mostly spent my birthdays alone indoors with my family.

Dinner =mashed beetpotatoes veggies & steak:)”

😨😨 This is so not Ghanaian, i want some😄

Nope no presents yet maybe it’s because I’m not in Accra at the momemt. I rarely get presents oooo.

Its been the case since our forefathers to RARELY get presents. Its more about having family and loved once around to eat and drink and celebrate another life. Thats enough to make your heart smile wouldn’t you agree?

I have about 1500 friends on facebook and I know about 80% of them. I would say am in constant contact with about 50% of them. Oh chale, only 159 friends sent me wishes oooo. 😄 But i realised some came from friends i haven’t heard from in a long while.

For me a new life is a blessing. You experience beautiful moments with friends and family. Now you can organize different kinds of activities if you have the time and resources.

Naturally I like to help others in my own small way so sometimes I sort and give out my clothes to individuals who need it. At the moment my friends and I are planning to organise a donation to some group of people just to make them smile too. Nothing big but just going out of our own ways to help others. Its a good thing right!

Am glad its different from what our grand parents and great grand parents experienced. I wasnt there though but we all know these stories. Well, the common thing is, we feel happy and loved, we smile..

Yes Manye, we smile thankfully for another earthday and its a great idea you and your friends have.

Though this may not be the case in the lives of some individuals out there, you can extend your smiles to them in any convenient way possible just like Manye is doing.

Continue the “Smile of the Ghanaian Woman” by sharing your views and short about perculiar stories in which  you made someone smile that made you smile too in a comment below. This is not limited to ladies only but all.


11 thoughts on “Smile of The Ghanaian Woman

  1. Esther says:

    It’s amazing how people close to you know you more than you do yourself. I feel very humbled Gail,but chale the whole family “dipping their fingers in one bowl” brought back sweet memories. Thanks Sissy

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  2. goldlife2016 says:

    This is such a beautiful piece there sweetheart. Its just right that once in a while we can get some stories like this to refresh our minds on how things used to be . we should know who we are as Africans and this is a step in that direction. Keep up the good work God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nana-Kwesi says:

    Some people even forget their birthdays because no one will even wish them a happy birthday more or less get a gift.
    It’s good to share with those who don’t have..
    And I know you to be kind hearted. The extent of you going to Togo to share with the needy. Keep it up. God bless you honey..

    Liked by 1 person

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