The Implicit Truth I

Trusting the sources of information we come across: My Experience

There is a vast amount of information uploaded onto the Internet everyday. Sources of these information could be credible or not but it all lies on the information seeker to research in details the credibility.

After reading Robbrecht van Amerongen‘s post on LinkedIn today, I felt promted to share an experience so we realise the need for researching about the contents and sources of informations we come across.

It was a three month semester recess and I was not going to sit home doing nothing. I thought of a better way to spend it so i started the search for both local and international paid interships; you know, something to help develop me professionally with some few cedis before school resumed. My search spun from LinkedIn job search, through recruiting agencies to referrals from friends. I read lots of articles on how to apply and be successfully offered an internship job. My applications were so much that, it was hard to tell to which company and for which specific internship position I had applied for. It was not much of a bother to me since I was basically focusing on marketing related positions. Rather, was eagerly waiting for a response from one of the many prospective companies I had applied to.

Voila! First in my inbox was an email one morning from a law firm based in Ontario Toronto. They had viewed my CV and wanted to know if I was still available for a Marketing Intern position I had applied for. “Of course I am!” I exclaimed to myself. Quickly I confirmed and interview was set to take place in four days. Prior to interview date, I searched for the link through which I had applied for that position in order to read more about job reponsibilities and requirements but I could not find it. My first lesson; For every application, copy and post job links and contact information to a note app on your phone or create a file for reference. This makes it easy to follow up on especially companies who do not acknowledge receipts of your applications.

Finally date was due, and already signed in, a young man introduced himself as Fynn from the HR department. What I thought was going to be a video call turned out a voice call as he instructed to switch back from video. I didn’t get to see his face though. “Can you please tell me about yourself?” he asked. Within 20 minutes, the session was over, brief and well packed with every information a normal interview aims to extract.

A week later, another email came through from the company’s Immigration and Fraud Director informing me I had been offered the position of a Marketing Intern. Three documents were attached to this email:

“If you are interested in accepting the position, we would like to begin the process of getting all the necessary documents together you will need to legally work in Canada. Please let us know what current documents you possess (Passport, Working Visa, work permit, etc). and we can determine what is required to proceed, the cost to apply for the Temporary Resident Visa + A LMO Work Permit would be 392 CAD you can apply by yourself or through our legal department if you require any assistance.Let us know if you have any questions.”

Am pretty much sure some questions are running through your mind right now and truth is, I started asking myself those questions too. Plus, there was one document missing; the most essential one companies should provide to newly employed.

Click here to find out what that that essential document is and how it all ended.









14 thoughts on “The Implicit Truth I

  1. Offei Jnr Emmanuel says:

    This is a beautiful start. I did enjoyed reading. Waiting to know that left out essential document. Keep up the good writings.


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